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Celebrating the special little things that make us feel good...

Small Indulgences was born from two good friends having a conversation over coffee.


Why do we always save our best things for a special occasion? Whether it be the good dinner set, the special bottle of wine, or the fancy lingerie. 


The most prominent one for both of us was that we didn’t want to waste the special or expensive candles. Instead, we always saved them for a special occasion. We wanted to address that and live our best lives with the special people around us. 


From there we enrolled in a candle making course and gradually learnt the craft and can now bring you something we love ourselves, at affordable prices.


Small Indulgences is about celebrating the special little things that make us feel good.


Life is short. We hope our small indulgences are as special to you as they are to us!


Why Choose Us

Local Business

We're two friends from Perth, Western Australia, using products from quality Australian wholesalers. 


Enjoy fun, quality candles at an affordable price, and never feel like you have to save them for a special occasion ever again.


Each candle is hand-poured with love & an extensive knowledge of candle-making. 

Simple & Easy Shopping Experience

Purchase online or visit us in-person at an upcoming market near you!

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